Counseling & Psychotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know I Need Therapy?

  • Your issues have been negatively affecting your life on an almost daily basis
  • You feel overwhelmed and alone
  • Your current coping mechanisms are not working anymore or harming you
  • You realize you potentially need to make some changes in your life but not sure where to start

How Long Does Each Therapy Session Take?

Individual sessions are 45-minutes long. Couples and family sessions are 60-minutes long. Double sessions are offered as needed basis.

Do You Offer Sliding Scale Rates?

Yes, I have limited income-based sliding scale spots open. They are mostly during the day time. They are reserved for clients who are students and have financial needs. Please note that you will need to fill out a form to disclose your income and monthly expenses to set the fee. The fee will be revisited on a regular basis as circumstances change.

What Is Your Treatment Approach?

I believe individuals are unique and complex in their own way, therefore, I provide a custom treatment model for each person using various models such as CBT, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Trauma-informed care. However, building a working alliance with my clients that is based on trust and empathy is my priority which I believe creates a reparative – corrective experience that is lasting.

What Is Your No-Show Or Cancellation Policy?

Therapy takes a commitment from both parties so out of respect for your time and mine, I require 24 hours advance notice for cancellations. A full fee will be charged for short notice cancellations and no shows.

If you are a no show to your initial appointment, there will be a $50 fee charged to your credit card and I will allow one reschedule opportunity.

If you are frequently canceling and rescheduling your appointments, I reserve the right to terminate our work together. If that is the case, the time might not be best for you to commit to therapy and, in my experience, inconsistent therapy sessions are simply not therapeutic. You can contact me when you are ready.

What Is Your Policy On Confidentiality?

Confidentiality is one of the most important parts of therapy and allows one to open up and speak freely. Session contents are kept confidential except when there is a risk for imminent danger to self and others.

If in any case, treatment content has been subpoenaed by a judge or requested by a third-party payer, I will sit and discuss with you prior to releasing any information.

How Long And How Often Do I Need To Be In Therapy?

This depends on each person’s individual treatment needs and goals. Weekly sessions are the bare minimum required for therapy to be effective. Consistency of having a session each week on the same day and at the same time is part of the therapeutic effect. This helps us create a safe environment and a working therapeutic relationship. Most of my clients love knowing that they have that designated time they can count on.

Some people may want to dive into therapy to understand their deep issues and patterns. They will want and need more frequent sessions like twice a week or back-to-back sessions for at least a year. They can cut back to weekly once they want to go back to maintaining their progress.

Some of my clients only want to address the most immediate issues and gain some healthy coping skills. These clients may come once a week and stay about 3-6 months. However, I need to warn you that I am not a miracle worker. Some issues you face may be going on most of your life so expecting them to get better in a matter of months is not realistic. We will discuss and set realistic goals and a timeline for your specific needs.

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