Behnan Maxwell, LCSW

Family Counseling

A family seeks therapy when there has been a change or a breakdown in the family system.

A family may be going through a difficult time and unable to function ideally. The family could be transitioning into a different dynamic due to divorce, separation or blended family structure. They may be stressed due to a loved one’s medical or mental illness, and death. There may be child and adolescent issues that may be weighing on the family.

In therapy, family members will have a chance to express their feelings, thoughts and hurt to one another. They will gain a better understanding and handle on the unique issues they face. The goal is to have the family members communicate effectively with each other and problem solve.

Ultimately, we will collaboratively come up with a plan to create a better functioning home environment for the whole family.

Common issues we cover in family counseling:

Illness of a loved one is hard on each family member.

Everyone is usually worried about the ill person.  Each person may have different opinions on how the treatment should be and what the person should be doing to better take care of himself or herself.  In addition to sadness and worry, family members could experience frustration.   At times, this frustration could lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding which result in hurt feelings and estranged relationships.  In order to protect, ill family member or the immediate family may distance themselves from the extended family.  Therapy could help everyone to express their concerns and reasons for their behavior so they could repair the relationship.

Divorce and separation are difficult.

They may be especially complicated when there are children involved. There may be disagreements around finances as well as co-parenting arrangements. In therapy, we will discuss your unique challenges and come up with practical goals to better handle your special circumstances.

The goal is to find common ground by communicating in a respectful and effective manner to solve your problems. Many of my clients can agree on making arrangements that are fair on each party and will benefit the children’s emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

The family who is grieving after a loved one’s death could benefit from therapy.

There is an initial feeling of shock that is followed by many complicated and mixed feelings. We will work on processing each family member’s feelings around the loss in a safe environment.

The goal is to help you make a better sense of what happened and then come up with a practical plan to help you cope on daily basis.

I will facilitate family members to discuss their thoughts and feelings openly in a safe environment.

I will explore and observe your communication patterns and family dynamic. I will facilitate family members to discuss their thoughts and feelings openly in a safe environment. The goal is to have every member of the family to be heard and validated by other members. I will have you build and practice healthy communication and problem-solving skills among yourselves.

The sessions are 60 minutes long. Family therapy is often considered short-term therapy. Sessions could average around 6-12 sessions in total depending on each family’s unique needs and how quickly they can complete their desired goals.

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