Behnan Maxwell, LCSW

Counseling for individuals, couples and families in Westchester & New York City

Individual Counseling

In my practice, I treat adults and teens. The sessions are 45 minutes long. More frequent or back-to-back sessions could be arranged based on needs. 

Behnan Maxwell Counseling NY

My clients are diverse in age, culture and gender, identity but they share common problems:



Career Struggles

Relational Problems


Eating Disorders



Loss Due To Immigration

Self-Esteem Issues

You and I will collaboratively find ways to reduce your undesired symptoms. We will explore your thinking and behavior patterns. We will reframe and see these thoughts and behaviors in a realistic and positive light. We will review your life goals and ways to implement them. We will also explore how your symptoms may be related to childhood or young adulthood experiences. Through the process, you will build more self-awareness, self-compassion, and make healthier life choices that fit you well and bring you joy.

Couples Counseling

The couples I treat are interested in improving their communication skills and intimacy. Some couples are stressed due to major life transitions such as a separation, moving in together or having a baby. Others struggle to recover from a partner’s affair. The sessions are 50-60 minutes long. 

Behnan Maxwell Couples Counseling happy couple

Common issues among couples are:

Communication Difficulties

Intimacy Issues


Recovering From an Affair

Becoming Parents

Premarital Counseling


In our sessions, we will explore how you and your partner communicate and behave in your relationship. We will collaboratively review your relationship goals and desired changes to be implemented. I do not take sides. I am there for you as a couple. I will coach to have you communicate your thoughts and feelings to each other in a kind and respectful manner.

The goal is to have each partner to communicate his or her core need in a relationship so the other partner can meet this need. Couples who are skilled in communicating openly to each other experience greater intimacy.

Family Counseling

The family has been going through a difficult time and need help communicating effectively. The family may be stressed due to an illness of a loved. Family could be transitioning into a different dynamic due to divorce, separation or blended family structure. The sessions are 50 – 60 minutes long.

Behnan Maxwell Family Counseling smiling family

Family counseling often focuses on:

Chronic Illness of a Loved One

Divorce / Separation

Grief / Loss

Communication Breakdown

I will explore and observe your communication patterns and family structure. I will facilitate family members to discuss their thoughts and feelings openly in a safe environment. The goal is to have every member of the family to be heard and validated by other members. I will have you build and practice healthy communication and problem-solving skills among yourselves.

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