Behnan Maxwell, LCSW

Couples Counseling

Most of my couples are diverse in their background.

I am experienced in treating couples with mixed racial, ethnic backgrounds as well as couples who identify as LGBTQ. My couples clients are interested in improving their communication skills and intimacy. Some couples are stressed due to major life transitions such as a separation, moving in together or having a baby. Some couples struggle to recover from a partner’s affair.

Common issues we cover in couples counseling:

Communication Issues

Intimacy Issues

Recovering From An Affair

Separation & Divorce

Becoming Parents

Premarital Counseling


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Learn how couples therapy can help you connect with your partner.

Couples who seek counseling often have difficulties effectively communicating and problem-solving.

Many conversations get escalated and arguments flare. Partners may feel unimportant, unheard, unseen, misunderstood, distrustful, unloved and taken advantage of by their partners. When I explore in detail, there is almost always no deliberate intention to hurt each other. There may have been a slow and steady decline in their emotional connection and intimacy for a while.

Most problems arise due to poor communication. This is not talking about your daily life stuff and to do lists. Communication that is usually missing is around speaking honestly and openly about feelings and thoughts with your partner. When this intimate connection is missing, most couples usually grow distant. Their sex life and intimacy diminish.

Most couples do not know how to tell each other their emotional core needs in a relationship. When your partner does not know your core emotional needs, it is almost impossible to have your needs met.

Most of us study extensively and earn degrees of proficiency in our respective occupations. However, when the subject comes to building and maintaining respectful, loving and lasting relationships, unfortunately, most people are poorly equipped.

In our sessions, we will explore how you and your partner communicate and behave in your relationship. We will collaboratively review your relationship goals and desired changes to be implemented. I do not take sides. I am there for you as a couple. I keep ground rules to keep everyone safe in the room. Abusive language, physical escalation or walking out of sessions will not be allowed.

I will coach both of you to use your words to communicate your thoughts and feelings to each other in a kind and respectful manner.

With couples therapy, I will help you build and practice open and loving communication.

The goal of couples counseling and therapy is to have each partner communicate his or her core emotional needs in the relationship so the other partner can meet this need.

I will help you build and practice open and loving communication. We will also review your love story. How did you meet and fall in love in the first place? What do you love about your partner? Through this process, you will remember that you two are on the same team. You can solve your problems together. You can express your love and care for each other in the way you both could hear and feel.

You will experience greater intimacy. Studies show that couples who are skilled in communicating openly experience greater emotional connection and intimacy.

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